Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Rumor has it Doug Aitken's latest opus - a commissioned work in Brazil - is sure to be something extraordinary for the senses. The artist and his workshop have been laboring for months to create a hilltop pavilion amid the 5,000 forested acres of Inhotim, an edenic, international contemporary art destination now open to the public outside of Belo Horizonte. Created by Bernardo Paz, Inhotim, is curated by the powerhouse triad of Allan Schwartzman, Jochen Volz, and Rodrigo Moura. Inside Aitken's glass sculpture is a small hole 300 feet deep that reaches down to the depths of the earth's tectonic plates. A series of small sensors placed in the hole bring the sound of those shifting plates up to the surface, where visitors can listen while enjoying endless views of the wild landscape that extends to the horizon. Grab you Havaianas and start planning a field trip: Aitken's pavilion will be completed in just a few months. For more details, contact Inhotim's international girl Andrea Schwan at info@andreaschwan.com.

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