Friday, February 6, 2009

All Gone is All Good

It's February and although many New Yorkers will be occupied with Fashion Week and Valentine's Day fêtes, the coolest crowd might just be elsewhere: at the All Gone launch party and photo exhibition. The kick off party--complete with all the fixins like Belvedere Vodka and DJ turn tables--is February 13th from 8-10pm at Reed Space on Orchard Street. All Gone is the most recent annual to come from the collaborative efforts of Colette and LaMJC. This encyclopedic homage to streetwear features some of the juiciest limited edition products to have hit the market in 2008. Delicious photographs shot by renown photographers and interviews with today's most influential artists, designers and creatives pepper the pages of this must-have reference. Whether you party like it's 2008 at the opening, enlighten yourself through 200 pages of streetwear's best or simply revel in the fun that is the website, make sure you experience the hype before it's--yes--All Gone.

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