Friday, June 18, 2010

Paul Ramirez Jonas and Creative Time present: Key to the City

Until June 27th, receiving a key to New York City is an attainable goal for any person—and unlike the keys heroes and visiting dignitaries are bestowed with, these actually open things. Artist Paul Ramírez Jonas and Creative Time have partnered with the city of New York to execute this public art project on a grand scale. To take part, simply go to the kiosk in Times Square, stand in line, and when your turn comes, present a key to the city to someone else—anyone else. Once armed with your key and its useful guidebook, you can proceed to any of the 24 Key to the City sites scattered across the five boroughs. Your key will open a number of things, from boxes on shelves to a PO Box to secret rooms in museums! If you haven't already become a part of the Key to the City public art project, you still have about a week and a half to get your key. Keys are handed out 7 days a week from 2-8pm (12-8pm on weekends) but get there before 6pm, since that's when they close down the line to ensure that everyone waiting will get a key. Key to the City locations will be open until September 6th.

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