Monday, September 21, 2009

The Return of Robert Palmer

New York Fashion Week didn't just bring an influx of edge and modernity for next season, but rather some hints of a return to the old school vibe of NYC. With the opening of the new Boom Boom Room at Andre Balazs' the Standard Hotel, one can forget the affiliation of its namesake to focus on the vintage polished glamour, like a scene out of Mad Men. Waitresses were adorned in rich, white silk dresses by Reuben Chapelle, their hair in slick chignons or tightly wound up-do's accentuated with playful silk ribbon. The lovely ladies glided around on opening night to serve cocktails amongst the very best of the local and international art and fashion crowds. Proving the ultimate trifecta of gorgeous decor, the very best music, and jaw-dropping views of this iconic city, The Boom Boom Room may be a vintage-inspired hotspot, but it is most definitely hip, fresh, and now. Photo: Shala at POP Magazine

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