Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld Celebrates Ouattara Watts' Vertigo

Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld hosted a celebration for the latest NYC exhibition of Cote d'Ivoire-born artist Ouattara Watts. Titled Vertigo, the show is the largest solo exhibition of Watts' work in the last five years with fifteen large-scale paintings. Integrating traditional North African painting, native emblems and everyday materials, his Citizen of the World painting is a metaphor for the artist himself as a truly global artist. Watts has a particular bond with Manhattan, as he spent his first time here with artist Basquiat in 1988. Notable art-world guests to the celebration included Carine Roitfeld, Brice Marden, Sante D’Orazio and Glenn O’Brien.

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